Thursday, January 13, 2011

Babies. Teething. Stress.

Older picture, but you get the idea!

My son is almost four months old, and the treacherous teething has already started! At least, I'm pretty sure it's teething. 

Here is how our mornings typically go:
9:30-11:30 - wake up, talk, cuddle, get out of bed.
Change his diaper, put a new outfit on him, and then feed him.
12:00 - plays with toys, gets tired with one, put another in front of him. Usually lasts about an hour.
1:00 - 2:00 nap time.

But the past couple of days, around the time I try to feed him, he won't take me. (I'm breastfeeding. We haven't had any issues, he latched of perfectly, breast milk supply is great, so nothing to worry about on that end.) So we walk around, I try a couple more toys. Yesterday, I tried massaging his gums, and that seemed to be the issue, so I put some Baby Orajel on his teeth. But this didn't seem to work! I handed him over to my mom, and she was able to walk around and get him to go to sleep. After he woke up, (after about 30 minutes) I fed him, and he was a happier camper.

But about 4-5 hours later, the same routine repeated. His dad and I walked around until he fell asleep, he woke up, ate and then was a happier boy. 

See? Happy! :P
I'm a first time mom, and Brayden has typically been a very happy boy, very easy to please. Is this all because he's teething? Does anyone have any tips for soothing teething babies? I've tried to give him the cold teether's, but  he just gets angry. How long is this gonna last? I just want to be able to soothe my baby boy!!!

Anyways, just sharing how my days have been going. haha. Hope everyone else's are a LOT brighter!! :D


Holly Anne said...

when my son started teething, he had no problem eating, he really wanted to eat, he wanted something in his mouth all the time so i'm not sure if that's necessarily what is going on. who knows though, all babies are different. you may want to call the pediatrician, they have heard it all, never be afraid to call them for advice!

Hilary St. Laurent said...

Huh. See that's what I would think my son would do too! You're right, I totally forgot about calling the pediatrician! Thank you! :)