Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Honey - Takes the work out of online Shopping!!

I've never reviewed a product like this before, but I've just discovered it and I am LOVING it. I have to share it with you. 

Honey is an EXTENSION for Google Chrome. This extension takes less than five minutes to install, and it will save you tons of money! 

It's really simple how it works. You go to your favorite online store, put the things that you want into your cart, and when you get to check out, Honey will prompt you and apply a multitude of codes to your cart! I found that if I already had a coupon code in the cart, there wasn't going to be an additional code for Honey to apply. But if it was an order that didn't have a coupon code, 9/10 there was a code that saved me money! 

I would highly recommend this extension. It's something simple, safe and free. I cannot tell you how much time I have spent scouring the internet for just a few dollars off! This takes all the guess work out of online shopping. I know that I am getting it at the best price possible! 

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Nora said...

Sounds great. I've never heard of this. Thanks for sharing!