Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review - Downy Unstopables

I have to tell you guys about this amazing website I'm apart of called Vocalpoint, its a great website where you can get samples, full-size products and just have a great community of people to chat with online. You can join by clicking here.

Since I've joined Vocalpoint, I've been up and up on all the greatest products just like this new one I recieved in the mail. I got new Downy Unstopables in the mail and was chosen to review this product for Vocalpoint!

I have to tell you that I really love this new product! It smells SO fresh when you open it, and it smells so good on your clothes. They have a cool "squeeze and sniff" feature, where you can just squeeze the bottle to have a burst of that fresh scent.

It's really simple to use, all you have to do is put the little beads in the wash before you put your clothes in. It's supposed to make the freshness in your clothes last longer.

I sweat a LOT in my car because I have no air conditioning and it's summer time, so this product sounded GREAT to me! I don't think that the scent lasts as long as it says it will, but maybe I didn't put enough of the beads into the wash I had (because it was a large wash). I like that you're able to choose how much you wanna put it, and that it's easy to use.

I think if you want your clothes to smell fresh or lavender-y, I would definitely reccomend this product! I really enjoyed it. :]

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