Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First impression of Nightmare....

My mom has been reviewing books for around two years now, and she's pretty awesome at it. She's been working hard to make sure that authors get the recognition they deserve for the amazing works they create. Her blog Finding Hope Through Fiction, is one of the reasons I've been so inspired to create my own. I tell you about her, because she bought the book Nightmare by Robin Parrish, and asked me if I'd like to read and review it. It took me awhile to actually work up the nerve to start to read this book (I'm a major chicken when it comes to scary stuff) but I've finally decided to read it! So, here is my first/last impression. (to figure out what this is about, click here!)

By: Robin Parrish
Published By: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0607-8
Release Date: July 2010

First Paragraph: 
"Doesn't matter who you are or what you believe. Everybody has a ghost story."
My father said those words to me as a child whenever I would question his life's work. Scratch That. His life's obsession.
I came to learn that he was right. Everybody has had at least one of those moments when their insides say somethings' happening that's far outside of normal. A fleeting second when something is seen moving out of the corner of their eye. A prick at the back of their neck alerting them to a presence. A location that for no discernible reason fills them with dread.

I really enjoy the first paragraph. I really REALLY enjoy the way Robin Parrish writes. When he's describing the "prick at the back of their neck", even though it's a short second I can feel exactly what he's talking about. Maybe it's because I'm easily creeped out, but every time I pick up his book (I'm reading it right now, so yes....this book passes the test. :P) I feel frightened. 

Last Paragraph:
"I turned back to Pierre. "It's the wrong question," I said. "I've been asking it myself for so long....but it was always the wrong question to be asking."
Derek and Jordin watched me with keen eyes as Pierre spoke again, "Then what's the right question?"
"The right question, Mr. Ravenwood," I replied, mimicking his use of my last name, "is 'What happens when we live?"

When you read the end of a book, even before finishing the book, you have a sense of how you will be feeling at the end. I can tell that at the end of this book, I will be left with a satisfied smirk upon my face and a sigh of completion and fulfillment when I am done. I'm throughly excited to get to the end of this book, so off i'm off to read it (only during daylight hours of course)!!

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